• WMIRS 2.0 - Civil Air Patrol's Web Mission Information Reporting System is the primary mission management system (requires a
    CAP membership for access)
  • WMIRS Training - Collection of videos that describe how WIMRS works and how to interface with it.  WIMRTS 2.0 is an evolving product so staying in-tune with the changes is critical for mission aircrew members.
Digital Log Books for All Aircrew Positions (no endorsement intended)
  • MyFlightbook (iPhone | AndroidThis is a free app and includes checkblocks for CAP mission types and aircrew positions.  Allows importing and exporting in Excel readable spreadsheets.
  • Got any others?  (Send in your suggestions--we'd like to have about 3 choices)
Airborne Photography Training
Electronic Direction Finding (DF) Search Training
Survival and Search Packing Lists
ICS Resources Located Here (opens in a new page)

Aviation Charts, Virtual Maps, GPS Info, and Flight Tracking
  • Sky Vector - Interactive online charts.  
  • VFR Sectional Chart - Online sectional chart.  Use the print screen function to copy sections into PowerPoint or other printable format for printing.
  • GPS Program Office - status of GPS system, how to coordinate termination of interference testing for SAR Ops
  • GPS NOTAMs - Rarely affect Alaska, but here's where to check them
  • Flight Aware - Flight tracking software for commercial and private aircraft on FAA flight plans.
  • FAA N-Number Registry - For looking up aircraft registration information.
  • National Map and USGS Topographical Maps of Alaska - Online access to USGS topo data maps for close-in and topographical features identification. Select the map and resolution you need and download it to a zip file on your computer.
  • Google Earth - downloadable Google Earth application with high resolution imagery and contour data.
  • CAP Form 104A SAR Results Worksheet - May be used to record the results of a SAR mission manually for Probability of Detection (POD) calculations.
Disaster Preparedness Links

  • AEIC Recent Earthquakes  - Earthquake information for Alaska
  • EarthQuake - AEIC Earthquake Preparedness information (7.5Mb pdf document)
  • Alaska Volcano Observatory - Keeping an eye on our more active mountains!
  • Nixle - notification system for emergencies, traffic accidents, road conditions, and natural disasters.  Available and heavily used by the Municipality of Anchorage.

Civil Air Patrol Quick Access Links