The Polaris Operations directorate supports the squadron commander by providing the environment for training capable aircrews and ground teams to meet Alaska Wing emergency services taskings in search and rescue (SAR) and occasionally in disaster response (DR).

New members interested in operations activities such as air and ground search and rescue or providing flight orientation rides for our squadron's cadre of cadets should review the requirements for "New Operators" to learn about the opportunities and get a sense of the general training requirements for these various duties.

Performing effectively as an operator in the Civil Air Patrol on search and rescue (SAR) or disaster response (DR) missions is a rewarding experience.  Each participant is expected to exercise a high level of professionalism in both their training to ensure that when we get called for a mission to go search for a missing subject or assist after a disaster that we are fully capable of performing the mission. We execute our emergency response missions for the same reason our fellow rescuers at the federal, state, and local level perform SAR--that others may live.