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1st Tuesday of the month: Emergency Services Training. Uniform: ABU/BDUs. Location either Squadron or FTX (in the field).

2nd Tuesday of the month: Aerospace Education. Uniform: ABU/BDUs. Location UAA Aviation Building. 2811 Merrill Field Drive

3rd Tuesday of the month: PT. UOD Black on Black PTs or CAP related shirt or AF PTs.
Winter Location JBER Hanger 5, we meet at the Sq and leave by 1830. If Cadet has base access we they may meet at Hanger 5 at 1900.
Summer Location - Meet at Wendler Middle School track at 1830, 

4th Tuesday of the month: Character Development, Promotion Boards, and Promotions. Uniform: CAP Blues. Location: Squadron Building next to the Merrill Air Traffic Control Tower at 18:30.

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