PCR-AK-015 Polaris
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Typical Monthly Cadet Meeting Cycle



1830 (6:30PM) TO 2030 (8:30PM) EACH TUESDAY EVENING

1st Tuesday of the month:  Aerospace Education. Uniform: ABUs. Location: Polaris Hangar, base of the Merrill Control Tower off of Ardaiz Circle, 1910 E 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501,  Call 907-717-9184 for entry if you do not yet have the access code.

2nd Tuesday of the month: Emergency Services Training. Uniform: ABUs. Location either Squadron or FTX (in the field).

3rd Tuesday of the month: PT. UOD Tan ABU Shirt, Black or Blaze Orange CAP-related T-Shirt, Black Athletic Shorts with Outerwear appropriate to the season and current/forecast conditions.
Winter Location JBER Hanger 5 or Elmendorf Fitness Center; we meet at the Sq and leave by 1830. If Cadet has base access they may meet at Hanger 5/Elmendorf Fitness Center at 1900.
Summer Location - Meet at Squadron or Wendler Middle School track at 1830 as directed. 

4th Tuesday of the month: Character Development, Promotion Boards, and Promotions. Uniform: CAP Blues. Location: Squadron Building at 1830.  Promotion ceremony begins at 2000.

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